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Pulse of My Heart
A Couple Survives A Wife’s Failing Heart
by Patricia and Brian O'Mara-Croft

Trade Paperback 5 ½ x 8 ½ Non-fiction - Memoir
Release date: September 2012 $16.95 ISBN:9781933016-89-4
266 pps  


On a cold, crisp morning, Patricia O'Mara-Croft kissed her husband Brian goodbye and headed out to her job as an art teacher…and came back with a broken heart. At age 43, Patty suffered a "widowmaker"-a massive heart attack that few survive. Soon after, she developed congestive heart failure so severe she was nearly unable to walk.

With Brian's unconditional love and support, Patty struggles slowly toward recovery, only to suffer a sudden relapse that lands her on the heart transplant list. When tests reveal Patty has nearly unheard-of levels of antibodies that would cause her to reject a new heart, she is left with little other than hope for a miracle.

But Brian loves his wife-unabashedly so-and his devotion to her makes a difference in both her recovery and the preservation of a beleaguered family. When faced with unyielding odds, Brian, Patty and their five children find ways to survive and thrive-even if it means suffering through the world's worst "heart-healthy" Thanksgiving dinner.

Many women die of heart disease because their husbands and doctors believe women are suffering "panic attacks"-when the medical reality is far grimmer. PULSE OF MY HEART explores how, in many ways, women are treated as second-class citizens when it comes to heart disease, and how those misconceptions can impact family dynamics, marriage, coping and survival. As they walk through each delicate step of their journey, Patty and Brian share important lessons learned that may help others trapped in similar nightmares. In a country where one person dies from a heart-related event every minute, they know their story could be anyone's story.

PULSE OF MY HEART is a poignant, gripping and often humorous account of one woman's battle against two enemies: time and the betrayal of her own body. Set against a backdrop of medical miscues, financial hardships, family strife, and the ever-present threat to a future, PULSE OF MY HEART is an unforgettable love story in which the family is as much a hero as they are a victim. Brian and Patty's love shines through as an inspiration to all who have been touched by the threat of devastating loss and came through with renewed hope while facing an uncertain tomorrow.


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About the Authors

Brian O'Mara-Croft is the author of Lost in the Hive: Confessions of a Reluctant Drone (PublishingWorks, 2010), a collection of true, humorous essays. He has an extensive writing, speaking and publishing background. By profession, Brian is a visual communication consultant - he combines words and imagery in visual maps that provide concise directions to employees and other audiences. His academic background is in public relations/journalism.

Patricia O'Mara-Croft teaches high-school art during the day and serves as self-appointed ruler of her chaotic household at night. Her absolute desire to not only to live but to thrive has featured prominently in both her life and her retelling of it. What's more, she's not afraid to laugh at herself. Her hope is that her memoir will provide not only for compelling reading, but will also inspire others to live richer, fuller lives.

Brian and Patty are parents of five children in a blended family that resides on both sides of the U.S./Canada border. They live in a suburb of Chicago.

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