Dr. Zastro’s Sanitarium – For The Ailments of Women
By Ludmilla Bollow

Dr. Zastro’s Sanitarium – For The Ailments of Women

By Ludmilla Bollow

Trade paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½
346 Pages
Release Date: November 2004
ISBN: 9781933016016

This beautifully written novel explores the joys and sorrows of passion during the 1880’s. Fiercely independent Yana, a gypsy artist, is led to Dr. Zastro’s Sanitarium in New York City, where this eminent physician uses hypnotic powers and electrical/magnetic apparatus in successfully treating his female patients.

Spirited Yana is his prime awakening in a world of usually submissive women, forcing him to question his medical beliefs and structured life. Sparks ignite from their very first encounter, as Phillipe, isolated in his world of science, Yana, fortressed in her sphere of mysticism, collide in forays of deep emotion. Both defy their basic beliefs, succumbing to passions of deep love, bringing them to the brink of personal and professional destruction as they begin to see a world beyond their rigid views. This turn of the century narrative presents a microcosm of America in the 1880’s and a histogram of the human heart.

About the Author

Ludmilla Bollow

LUDMILLA BOLLOW is the author of plays that have been produced in over fifty theaters across the U.S. , and the world. She has been the recipient of numerous play writing awards, and her vast experiences include fellowships and residencies, commissions to write plays, and even an award-winning actress. Her accomplishments also include two books of published plays, and scenes published in leading play anthologies, numerous articles, short stories and poetry that have been printed in various magazines and journals. Ms. Bollow is also a member of the Dramatist Guild, International Center for Women Playrights, Wisconsin Council for Writers and Byliner Writers.

Reviews and Accolades

“…(a) spirited first novel…entertaining…intriguing…Bollow shows promise.”
Publisher’s Weekly (Nov)

“Ms. Bollow has written a spellbinding story filled with yearning desire and heart- wrenching loss. Her characterizations are deftly portrayed and her depiction of the developing romance between Yana and Dr. Zastro delivered with sensitivity and sensuality. A compelling book and one I recommend without reservation.”
– Christy Tillery French, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review