Nothing Short of Joy
By Kim Petersen

Nothing Short of Joy

By Julie Genovese

Nothing Short of Joy

Trade paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½
Release Date: March 2010
ISBN: 9781933016597

Born a dwarf with degenerative arthritis, Julie B. Genovese traveled a path unlike many. During her visits to the Center for Birth Defects as a child, she was displayed on a table and studied by genetic specialists who rarely had the opportunity to see a case of spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia.

With a childhood rife with negative labels and laughter, humiliation and heartache, Julie was terrified that she would never find happiness. Lifelong physical limitations, as well as bi-lateral hip and knee replacements, left deep emotional scars. It wasn’t until after two brain surgeries, she was able to make peace between the medical and the metaphysical.

After screaming at the rain for years, Julie realized that she could calm the storm inside. Through trial, lots of error, and endless soul searching, she made happiness a decision. She was, at last, in charge of creating her own Eden and would stop at nothing short of joy.

About the Author

Julie Genovese

Julie Genovese

Julie Genovese was born and raised in northern New Jersey. After graduating from Hamilton College in NY, she moved to Boston and began a freelance art business with a hand painted card line becoming a specialty. After arthritis compromised the use of her right arm, life nudged her into the world of writing.

Currently she is a full-time mom, writing and painting from her New Jersey home where she lives with her husband and two sons. Julie is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Little People of America, and the Skyland Homeschool Association.

Reviews and Accolades

“Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.”
–Wayne Dyer, author, Excuses Begone! (Hay House, 2009) Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life (Hay House, 2007)

“Julie Genovese’s story is eloquent and moving proof that our souls and spirits are always intact and always whole – regardless of how things appear physically. Hers is a fascinating and thoroughly readable story of courage and triumph!”
— Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Julie Genovese is an inspiration and a teacher for those who want to heal what can’t be cured. So pain, hate and fear lead us to faith, hope and love.”
— Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author of Peace and Loving Healing

“Nothing Short of Joy offers a magnificent lesson in activating human potential. Julie Genovese proves that we are far more than a body, and the heart is the greatest healer. I want everyone who seeks to grow beyond their conditions to read this book and put Julie’s masterful principles into action. Here is a rare and penetrating road map to spiritual freedom.”
— Alan Cohen Author of I Had It All the Time

The reader feels the difficulties related to living as a dwarf, thoughts few of us have ever entertained or deigned to understand. Julie Genovese’s life is a miracle. Most important however, is the message of Fear. Fear and disbelief are what held Julie inside of herself. Overcoming these obstacles are what has brought her to the point of happiness and fulfillment today. Her scars, her body do not represent who Julie Genovese is. She is the person within. Julie exemplifies how and why we must all overcome our individual fears.
— Kelly Jad’on – founder of