About Us

Our Mission: Excellence in Memoir/Biography

Since 2003, our nonfiction books have been about going from ordinary to extraordinary. We publish personal journeys with socially relevant themes: stories about everyday people who end up doing extraordinary things due to a pivotal event that alters their perspective about life.

As a psych/sociology major from back in the early Jurassic Era, I’m intrigued with how people react to challenges. Face it; life is challenging, and we like tapping into stories about people who persevere against all odds; stories that make us think, make us better people, and make us remember those stories long after finishing their book. I call it “scratching my soul.” And that’s what our books do.

We are a proud member of Consortium Book Sales and Distribution.

To learn more about the Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, please visit the website: www.cbsd.com