Milo’s Eyes
By Lissa Bachner

Milo’s Eyes

By Lissa Bachner

Milos Eyes by Lissa Bachner

Trade paperback
5 ½ x 8 ½
346 Pages
Release Date: June 2022
ISBN: 9781941887103

The extraordinary bond between Lissa Bachner, a young blind woman and Milo, an abused horse, helped them overcome staggering odds to become one of America’s most inspiring, successful riding teams in the world of show jumping.

Lissa Bachner was born with a passion for horses and won her first blue ribbon at age five. Other awards would follow as a young rider, and for years Lissa trained with jumpers, tackling more difficult leaps, and working to perfect her ​ride.

​When blindness struck in her teens, it appeared her ​passion for riding would come to an end. How could she ​jump hurdles when she could barely​ navigate through her own home?

But success, trust, and love came to Lissa when her trainer convinced her to buy a “diamond in the rough” from Germany. On New Year’s Eve, Milo arrived at the barn, frightened and neglected. Taking one look at his shaking, filthy body, Lissa promised Milo that he would only know kindness. In return, Milo took special care of her in the ring. Through countless eye surgeries and the many months of training and work, Lissa and Milo formed a magic bond that made them inseparable. And winners.

With effortless humor and penetrating compassion, Lissa weaves a story of unfaltering faith in Milo, and the unconditional love they shared.

About the Author

Lissa Bachner with a horse

Lissa Bachner

Lissa lives in Wellington, Florida with her three dogs and her horse, Marvel.