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Finding Dad Book Cover

Finding Dad
By Kara Sundlun

Kara knew that in order to move forward, she had to make the choice to ...
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A chick in the cockpit: my life up in the air by Erika Armstrong

A Chick in the Cockpit
By Erika Armstrong

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We’re about to enter an area of ...
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Figuring Shit Out Book Cover

Figuring Shit Out
By Amy Biancolli

"Your life isn't over." My dad says this. "I mean, YOUR life isn't over. Beyond ...
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Fancy Feet Book Cover

Fancy Feet
By Heidi Cave

Two boys racing on the road leads to a tragic accident not only takes Heidi ...
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Off the Street Redemption Book Cover

Off the Street: REDEMPTION
By Chris Boughman

Sometimes Justice takes a different path ...
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Voice Book Cover

By Scott Damian

V-V-Voice…the word sticks in the back of your throat. Your mouth shudders as your teeth ...
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